Today I woke up and decided I needed to create something.  I often find myself thinking about creating pieces for quite along time before I actually start. It might even be that I don’t really know what I want to create but I start to collect bits and bobs and for many months I will be just collecting, drying, storing, saving, editing.  Then all of a sudden I am ready to use something that has been hanging around in my studio for months.  Today it was dried flowers from my brothers wedding.  Back in December of last year my brother got married to my beautiful sister in law Sadie and I managed to save lots of the flowers. 

First I separated all the flowers into individual petals, and placed them together between many layers of tracing paper.  They look so beautiful like this. I then of course had to photograph them together.  The deep reds and peachy colours just worked so beautifully together.   I created a framed image for Chris and Sadie as a keep sake, which ill surprise them with when it arrives. 

Then I decide that I am ready to use the dried flowers within an encaustic wax board.  I have many solid wood square boards in my cupboard and selected 3 – 8 inch x 8 inch pieces to work with.  I warm up the wax and and start painting. Working the flowers into the wax and moving across the piece with black, white and coloured paints. 

I am really pleased with the final pieces.  Even if they never make the walls of anyones home they will forever hold a special memory from the day my brother got married. 


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