It might sound crazy but this journey has been in my mind for more than 10 years! I could never quite work out what it would be or how I would show it, but i knew it was there somewhere inside me waiting for the right moment to show itself.  So here it is The Art Journal, born during lock down with a little help from my friend Hannah who magically created this beautiful space for me to collate all the workings of my crazy mind.   It might sound weird but I see the world in colours, textures, lights and shadows.  My eyes are constantly draw to things that are beautiful, not beautiful in the traditional sense but the one you have to look for, the one you can see but only when you are really looking. Strange I know but this is the way my mind works, and i’m sure there are many more of you out there that see the world the same so hopefully you have fallen into the right place for a little inspiration. 

At the start of every year I always take a day to review the previous years achievements. It’s so I can decide what I would like to improve in my life and what areas I would like to focus on for the coming year.  Well interestingly enough the one area that I felt needed some focus and attention for this year was documenting my creative life.  I once read that as a creative person it is important to be creative everyday, but that it didn’t necessarily mean painting or drawing or taking photos all the time but would include activities like reading, journalling, walking, thinking, gardening and many more.  This made me happy, as a creative person I always felt guilty if i wasn’t actually creating a new “master piece” ready to sell, but hey now i have been given permission to accept that all those other activities are actually part of the process. 

So the aim of this space is to document my creative life. No more no less, just a documentation of the creative stuff i get up to. Everyday.  



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