Embracing Imperfections: A Journey through My Digital Files

Embracing Imperfections: A Journey through My Digital Files
Lately, I've found myself deep in thought about the beauty of imperfections, not just in the life I've come to cherish, but also within the realm of my artwork.

Over the span of 25 years, my passion has driven me to capture countless moments and create mixed media artworks that have found homes across the globe. This artistic pilgrimage has, quite unexpectedly, resulted in a mammoth collection of nearly 1.5 million digital files snugly saved on my hard drives. 😱

From this vast ocean of visual narratives, I estimate that around 75,000 have been shared with my clients. This brings me to a startling revelation: a colossal 1.425 million images remain hidden on my drives, a secret gallery that has been privy to my eyes only.

This raises a poignant question: Why are there so many untouched, "imperfect" images that have never seen the light of day? Seems a bit wasteful, doesn't it?

It’s high time I confronted this reality. I've decided to embark on a new journey, one of embracing these imperfections. I want to dive into these "discarded" images and craft something unique from them.

🎨✨ I've always believed that "In the tapestry of creativity, it's often our 'imperfections' that weave the most enchanting patterns.

To simply accept these flaws is an injustice. We ought to celebrate the authentic, unedited allure they introduce to our creations. After all, it's the quirky angles, the unplanned smudges, and the spontaneous deviations that infuse life into art, making it resonate with its audience.

So, the next time I come across an image that doesn't quite fit the conventional mould of "perfection," I'll pause and see its inherent beauty. Because, whether it's in art or life, it's the imperfections that render everything so perfectly unique. 🖌️💖

Image: A look back to my 2016 scrapbook where a "dud" image has been transformed into a beautiful art piece!*

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