Balancing Equestrian Artistry and Family Commitments: A Creative Journey

Balancing Equestrian Artistry and Family Commitments: A Creative Journey

Being an equestrian photographic and mixed media artist is more than just a profession; it is a passion that intertwines with my everyday life. The combination of capturing the grace and beauty of horses through the lens and translating those moments into unique mixed media artworks fuels my creative spirit. However, like any artist with a family, there are moments when balancing personal and professional commitments can be a challenge, especially during school holidays.

The school holidays bring much excitement and joy for both me and the children. Its defiantly a time to unwind, and enjoy quality time together. However, as a creative, this can also be a challenge. The demands of parenting can make it difficult to find the uninterrupted time needed to immerse myself fully in the creative process. The constant juggling act of attending to family commitments while maintaining artistic momentum can be mentally and physically draining.

Despite the challenges, being an equestrian photographic and mixed media artist is not just a career choice; it is a lifestyle. My creative work and my family are deeply interconnected, and the studio becomes a hub of activity during the school holidays. Instead of seeing it as a hindrance, I embrace the opportunity to involve my children in my creative practice. This not only allows me to spend quality time with them but also fosters their own creativity and appreciation for art.

One of the joys of being an artist and a parent is watching my children explore their own artistic talents. My studio becomes a playground of colours, textures, and imaginative possibilities. From assisting with simple tasks to creating their unique artworks, my children actively participate in the creative process. Their fresh perspectives and uninhibited approach to art often inspire me to see things from a different angle, pushing the boundaries of my own artistic expression.

While the school holidays provide valuable family time and an opportunity for artistic collaboration, there is also a sense of anticipation for when the children return to school. As much as I cherish these moments, I look forward to the tranquility and uninterrupted focus that comes with being in the studio full time. It allows me to delve deep into my creative flow, explore new techniques, and translate my equestrian experiences into captivating works of art.

Being an equestrian photographic and mixed media artist is a journey that blends artistry, family, and equestrianism into a seamless tapestry of inspiration. The challenges of juggling family commitments during school holidays can be daunting, but with a supportive environment and involving my children in the creative process, it becomes an enriching experience for everyone. As the school holidays draw to a close, I am filled with excitement and anticipation to return to the studio full time, where I can channel my passion and create artworks that capture the essence of equestrian beauty.


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